Green Belt

CPRE was one of the organisations responsible for the creation of England’s Green Belts in 1938 and we continue to work passionately to support and maintain these valuable parts of the countryside.

The original concept of Green Belts was intended to prevent urban sprawl.

With the advent of the car, developers were extending towns and cities through ribbon development following the new roads that were being built. And for nearly eighty years the intention generally to protect the countryside worked. Never before has the Green belts of England and that within Warwickshire been under such threat.

We continue to fight to protect our precious Green Belts, such as our campaign against the 620 dwellings at Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth.

The converse of Greenfield is Brownfield – land that has previously been built on. CPRE have strived for such land to be used first for development. See our report below which details that there is such land available for thousands of homes, which would mean the saving of Greenfield or even Greenbelt land from being lost. A ‘Brownfield first’ policy in any planning policy is crucial!