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Coventry City Council

Coventry skyline view from Baginton Wikimedia Commons

Coventry is a city in central England and centre of our county. It’s known for the medieval Coventry Cathedral, which was left in ruins after a WWII bombing. A 20th-century replacement, with abstract stained glass and the wonderful Graham Sutherland tapestry stands beside it.

It is built on the River Sherbourne, which remains largely hidden by infrastructure, although it can be seen by the canal. Coventry has been a large settlement for centuries, although it wasn’t founded and given its city status until the Middle Ages, since then it has been one of the most important and largest cities of the country with Coventry motor companies contributing significantly to the British motor industry – the UK’s Motown!

Coventry’s green belt is under attack with large areas of such land threatened with housing, such as that at Keresley and Eastern Green. Quite why remains a mystery since the Council uses population growth figures for the city that are quite unrealistic.

A city indeed, but fingers of countryside such as the Coundon Wedge, not two miles from the centre, abound. We do our best to retain such wonderful features of the city.

COVENTRY Local Plan Review

Coventry Local Plan Review – CPRE Warwickshire responses

The Coventry Local Plan review, Issues and Options Consultation, is now closed.

Our Technical Secretary, Mark Sullivan, has responded on behalf of the Branch and you can read his answers to the questions posed.

Read our response

New gigafactory for battery manufacturing proposed

Our thanks to Alan Yates for preparing such a detailed response to the outline proposal for the Gigafactory Battery plant at Coventry airport.

Read our response
Coventry news angle photo of letter to sir andrew watson

The myth of massive population growth in Coventry

Response from UKSA to our letter disputing ONS Coventry population figures.

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Coventry City Council’s local plan

View Coventry City Council’s current local plan

To understand CPRE Warwickshire’s perspective on this plan, please click the links below:

We have allied ourselves with residents and others to seek the ‘calling-in’ of the Kings Hill application for 2500 houses, along with primary and secondary schools.

Our Chairman, Sir Andrew Watson, has written to Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government requesting that he urgently ‘calls-in’ the application for 2500 houses which has been approved by the Council subject to the completion of section 106 agreements. In addition he has urged him to place a temporary halt to further permissions being granted for other applications for thousands more new houses at locations around Coventry until the issues about population growth and air quality have been resolved.

Copies of the correspondence have been sent to local MPs and leaders of the adjoining Councils hoping to enlist their help and influence as well.

Copies of the letter, the projected population growth targets of the Council and proposed housing to fulfil these, along with Highways England’s responses to a couple of the applications can be seen below.