Meet our team

Our President
Our President is Lord Plumb. Henry was the UK’s one (and now for the foreseeable future) only President of the European Commission. A passionate farmer and supporter of bringing youngsters into the industry, Henry’s enthusiasm for the countryside is infectious: meet him and you’re a convert.


Our Trustees
We are governed by a board of Trustees, chaired by Sir Andrew Watson, a former Barrister and Recorder, and six others:


Judy Cobham Lowe, former Prime Warden of Goldsmiths Livery Company
Nicholas Butler, our most assiduous Area Planning Officer
Michael Bird, footpaths representative of the Ramblers
Charles Melville Wright, fundraiser extraordinaire
Justin Whitehorn, former Chartered Accountant
Janet Gee, Parish Council Chair and Financial Consultant


Our Office
Is located in Smith Street, Warwick, between the vacuum cleaner shop and the toy shop with a dalek in the window! It is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings manned by our Branch Development Manager, John Wharam, and his assistant Myles Thornton. Our Technical Secretary (aka our planning guru) Mark Sullivan also bases himself here. And super volunteers Alan Palmer, Hon Membership Secretary and Francesca Hick, our social media expert are likely to be in the office several times most weeks.


Our Volunteers
The Planning Team – Brian Douthwaite, Jean Walters, Nicholas Butler, Jim Foster, Michael Bird, Sheila Cooper and Mark Sullivan – who between them look at the applications throughout the county and support or object to them if they think they are inappropriate, have regular meetings at the offices to discuss pressing matters and exchange ideas.


If you would like to help us out in some way, whether it be in the planning field or office filing, them please do contact us by email ( or by phone on 01926 494597.