We continue to oppose HS2

We have consistently opposed the HS2 project since it was first announced in 2010 and we have always been disappointed by others’ ambivalence to it.

In Warwickshire, we support the movement away from people in their cars, switching to trains and other public transport where possible. However, a project that destroys so much of our countryside, that will do little to ease the capacity problems travellers face between the cities HS2 will reach, that will cost so much, really does not warrant our support. In fact, it should attract our opprobrium.

Far better to improve the whole nation’s rail network, ensuring everyone and not just a business elite benefit from a programme of rail renewal.

In the news:

‘We feel terribly disappointed the Government has given the green light to this dreadful project and simply can’t understand why it’s going ahead –it’s certainly not going to benefit the new ‘blue wall’ of northern voters.

Perhaps our focus should now be on mitigation – trying to prevent the worst excesses, the destruction of ancient woodlands, the failure to properly compensate householders and businesses as their properties are bulldozed into oblivion by the mighty diggers of HS2 Ltd and on it goes.

But having nearly taken a vow of silence on the whole thing, I just can’t bring myself to end my opposition to such a wasteful and destructive project. So we will continue to hold HS2 to account and publish stories of interest.’ ~ Myles Thornton

Our Technical Secretary, Mark Sullivan, who also doubles as the Chairman of CPRE West Midlands Region, has had some success over the last few months with getting his letters opposing HS2 published in the broad sheets. Here is a flavour below:

sunday telegraph article by Mark 23.2.20